A&A Telephone Answering Service

We believe there is still a place in business for human to human interaction…Human Intelligence rather than Artificial Intelligence (AI)! We provide the human touch to help keep you connected to your customers 24/7/365. Prospects become clients, clients remain loyal to your business, simply by providing the human touch 24/7/365.

Why You Can Trust Us

Reason #1: Training Program
We train our operators to politely and professionally take control of the conversation. This means lower operator time and less cost to you.

Reason #2: Quality Control Program
We constantly review calls with our operators to make sure that they are FRIENDLY, COURTEOUS, and VERIFY NAMES and NUMBERS so you get ACCURATE INFORMATION.

Reason #3: Staffing Philosophy
At A&A our normal staffing philosophy is to provide an EXTRA OPERATOR to make sure your calls are answered within 3 RINGS and with MINIMAL HOLD TIME.

Reason #4: The Size of our Company As a smaller answering service, we to develop a close working relationships with our clients.